Is this a third world war?

Gepubliceerd op 20 december 2020 om 11:30

Dear fellow human, are we in a Third World War?

This war-simular situation is subtle but very effective and keeps mankind globally trapped in their own nervous system. We can't move in any direction or we are attacked by panic-stricken information. With an enemy who may not even know that he is an offender, it becomes even more dangerous. The government, the media and the medical industry shoot like snipers unexpectedly, constantly and from all sides. Confidence in each other and in our leaders is seeping away and the ancient and frequently used tactic of 'divide and rule' are bearing the most fruit this time.

That's why I ask you to first of all take a deep and slow conscious breath, put a smile on your face and shift your attention from these words to the outside world. Search with your eyes for a natural panoramic view, which will enlarge your horizon. Only now will your brain be able to absorb this next information. Assuming that you were actually trapped in the fighting, fleeing or freezing mode of your sympathetic nervous system. What has changed physically after you have done these simple things? Through this conscious breathing, the heart signals to the brain that it is safe, so that the body relaxes. By raising the corners of your mouth and faking the smile, the brain gets the signal that you are happy and produces happiness hormones. Your primal brain feels safe and lifts the blockage of your frontal cortex, your modern brain, so that you can think logically and put things into perspective again.

Keep breathing consciously and the smile won't hurt while you continue reading. This is a biochemical war that is being fought within us and that is reflecting itself in our outside world according to the laws of quantum physics. 

Our body is a genius in survival and is developed to function in a social network and our hormones work accordingly. Our autonomic nervous system is constantly screening whether our environment is safe or not. It does this by means of universal facial expressions. That's why a smile is vitally important not only for us, but also for the survival of our specie.

Here is a short intro into our biochemical housekeeping which, to keep it simple, I divide into stress hormones and happiness hormones. Since our nervous system has been under constant media terror attack for over 10 months, our sympathetic nervous system ensures our survival by producing an overdose of stress hormones; such as adrenaline, norepinephrine and cortisol.

These biochemical signalling agents regulate our entire system in times of stress. They are designed to be active for short periods of time and allow, among other things, the heart rate, blood pressure and breathing to increase so that, for example, you can run away faster or defeat the enemy. Furthermore, all other processes that are not necessary for survival, such as our digestion and healing, are stopped. The primal brain is in control at this stage and was the first brain developed in our evolution. It can be compared to the baby phase of our development. Our (adult) modern brain, the frontal cortex area, is paralysed, so that we can no longer think logically. Don't forget that these are ancient processes that made sense in the days when there were "real" enemies.

You can already see it coming, this process, so the activation of our sympathetic nervous system is currently in constant operation in many people and can be recognised by the dilated pupils. A large part of humanity has entered a survival mode, a physical biochemical war. The first signs of an overproduction of stress hormones are restlessness and a paranoid tendency. This is where the fighting or flight mode is easily recognisable. This is followed by the even more dangerous shut down, the freeze mode, in which the self-centred tendency skips into a narcissistic attitude.


Please note: because of our mirror neurons, this whole process is highly contagious!

But there is hope. Through insight and awareness we can end this (internal) war. For this we take a look at the magic box of our genius body and especially at our lucky hormones. Starting with endorphins, our own painkiller. Have you ever laughed so much that it eventually hurts? Then your endorphins were temporarily used up😉. So keep smiling, it is healthy!

Dopamine is the reward hormone and is created when you have achieved a goal, which is why the finished 'to do' lists are so addictive. This substance is also at the basis of the addiction to alcohol, telephone, the media and your cigarette. Good to know, because then we can consciously apply it for the benefit of our lives.

Serotonin is the substance that comes into play when you get social recognition or win a prize. It has a positive effect on your self-confidence and strengthens solidarity within the tribe or what we now call society. So connect with others on as many levels as you can and show your authentic self. The world needs you.

Ocytocin is also called the cuddle hormone. It is produced when there is a feeling of love, trust and intimacy caused by physical contact such as cuddling and shaking hands. Even when we see loving scenes, our mirror neurons release this amazing substance as well. Hugging will safe humanity.

All these hormones promote a healthy and happy life!

So it is up to us to take responsibility over our own bodies and let these happiness hormones flow richly. By first of all going out of the media’s line of fire and avoiding all mainstream media like the plague. As already indicated, conscious and deep breathing in the abdominal area helps the diaphragm to move. With a slow breathing your heart celebrates and lets your happiness hormones dance. Then a splash of cold water over your face early in the morning and your body rejoices. It is interesting to know that, when the eyes are looking at a square box (TV, cellphone, tablet, PC, ..) our body produces stress hormones. So go outside and face as many panoramic images as possible. Focus your senses on the here and now to soothe your stress hormones. If this includes human contact, you are rewarded with the queen of happiness hormones the ´oxytocin´. Reset your thinking mode, inform yourself with different visions* and activate your frontal cortex by thinking for yourself. Form a circle of togetherness, connect with other people and create your own safety and freedom!

Safety and social connectedness are prerequisites for the survival of mankind!

This situation in which we find ourselves does not need leadership that takes away our security, trust and freedom. This situation requires us to take our own responsibility. To develop our own authority and take the next step on the evolutionary ladder. We would then return to a society of intensive cooperation, fair sharing and natural equality. Dominance would then no longer be tolerated and authority would arise in a natural way. This natural form of leadership changes depending on the situation and is not placed above the group. It forms a 'primus inter pares', a 'first among equals' in mutual trust. If we want to live in a world of integrity, freedom and connectedness, we have to bring our lives in line with natural laws.

Our only chance to end this Third World War is to get out of the modern slavery system and connect with nature. It is up to you, you can free yourself and live in peace!

*Another truth about our virus & The root of fear