The marriage of oneness

Gepubliceerd op 16 oktober 2022 om 07:31

The marriage of unity

Life makes it clear that our systems are transforming and new insights are slowly coming to the surface. There is enough evidence according to the new science branch Epi-genetics, that heredity is a fable and that we are not simply at the mercy of an unknown force outside ourselves. With our consciousness, i.e. our conscious intention, we can take responsibility for our bodies.

Mainstream medicine is still based on fighting microbes. It still believes Louis Pasteur's theory, despite ample evidence that our microorganisms work for us and are not our enemies. Even anthroposophists, historians and physicists are now slowly discovering that nature and primordial peoples form a symbiosis. Everything hangs together and takes care of each other. Without this cooperation, not only humanity but also life would have died out long ago. How long would it take for fear-based thinking to bloom out?

Humanity has already all the information. By having gone to the depths, we have accumulated a lot of knowledge in all fields. The apple from the tree of knowledge, now tastes so sour, because it should be integrated and wisdom can emerge. The mainstream medical world, bio-logical programmes, the energetic approach, the homeopathic way and the new frequency and fascinating light approach, are all just parts of the whole. The holistic view of life and our bodies is the merging of everything. It is precisely this diversity of visions and methods that should merge. All it takes is a common ground. As the Shaman points out, this foundation is; nature with its micro-organisms! This could form the basis of the new healthy view of disease. Unity consciousness would integrate all programmes and be open to an organic update. With the connection to nature as the starting point and thread of life. A marriage of all views and applications, a fusion of all cultural views into a complete medicine. The true art of medicine that then gradually changes organically through our unity consciousness. Perhaps the insight grows so strong that there is nothing left to cure or heal. We can respectfully integrate the knowledge of the essence of life into the guidance of the intelligent body. We could call this new integrated and holistic discipline the BIO-ESSENS. In this way, everyone and all visions have a place in the whole and there is no more struggle. It is diversity in unity that gives us the complete view of nature. As long as we all come to recognise that the foundation of nature is cooperation, we are on the same page and we can confidently look forward to a bright future, which starts now.

The merging and fusing of diversity is the path to unity and feels like a universal trut

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