Are you ready to take the step to ultimate Food Freedom?

Are you ready to discover a different world view and LIVE in trust and abundance instead of surviving in fear and scarcity?

Food Freedom is an exciting topic, especially these days and in a world where fear reigns.
Imagine that there is a way to achieve total freedom by learning to look at things differently.
By discovering a different way of looking at the world, you can enjoy a food-freedom, trust in the intelligence of your body and beliefs are exposed.

Join us for an international retreat to pranic living and complete freedom in the heart of Switzerland on top of a mountain near lake lucerne.

Freedom Quest is a tasting of various techniques, philosophies, sciences and insights that help you to let go of all your beliefs and fears,
which consciously or unconsciously hinder you to live your freedom.
It is also possible to integrate it into your own (coaching) work afterwards,
so that this universal knowledge can be carried into the world quickly. 

Are you ready to take responsibility for your life and discover the universal natural laws?

This unique Freedom Quest consists of four modules in 7 days in the Netherlands (dutch) , Belgium (dutch) or Switzerland (german & english)

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The next international, englisch and german spoken, Pranic retreat will be in Switzerland, 11th - 18th October 2024.

Freedom Quest offers a range of tastings in the areas of the mind, body, soul, nature and the connecting element.
It gives you a broader and even a completely different view of life. It is meant to be the next step on our evolutionary ladder.
Some forethought, an open mind and curiosity are the ingredients that give this journey to freedom the extra quantum dimension.


A review from our participants:

Marisa / Belgium

This Freedom-Quest is one of the most profound things I’ve ever experienced in my life. Some of my deepest and previously unreachable traumas have now been released and transformed into Forgiveness, Joy, Self-Love and an amazing new level of FREEDOM!!
Thanks to the Loving and very Competent coaches of this retreat and thanks to every single participant.
Together we were the perfect team to make many ‘impossibles’ possible!

Iris / Switzerland

The Freedom Quest was a quantum leap for me personally!
It revealed to me a completely new, light attitude to life.
A light that was kindled in me, it nourishes and strengthens me in CONFIDENCE, in BEING, it is lived/experienced inspiration, an enrichment for life.
I can only warmly recommend treating yourself to this adventure.
I would like to thank Marja and Amudra from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful opportunity and guidance.

The different modules which sets you free:

Quantum Thinking
How does the world work? This is the question that also occupied Isaac Newton. With the falling apple, he discovered the principle of gravity. Shortly afterwards, the mystery of electricity and magnetism was unravelled, which were then conveniently combined. The understanding of electromagnetism was born. The fact that we are not biological but electromagnetic-energy beings is already slowly becoming apparent.

The new sciences quantum physics and epi-genetics show that we are capable of so much more than we had previously thought.

That the connecting element, which we also call prana, chi or consciousness, is controlled by our thinking, is a recent discovery that we can apply to create the material world. The universal answer to all questions is to see the unity in diversity and recognise our individual power.

We do not need to change the world, only our thinking!

Our bodies are geniuses and the processes are bordering on a miracle. As long as we don't know what and why it does something, we let it do what it needs to do in confidence. Balance is the magic word here.

During this module we will work with all the obstacles that stand in the way of your body being free. To start with, we are going to learn to accept the body in order to love it in the end. During the Freedom Quest, you will be given the opportunity to let go of limiting beliefs and conditionings and get acquainted with the possibility of living a food-freedom. If you feel nourished, you don't need to eat anymore. Give your body movement, gratitude, awareness, get out of the way and let it flow.

Don't worry we keep our clothes on during the retreat;-)

Trust the intelligence of your body and follow your feet.

How do you experience peace and how can you achieve this? An interesting question that probably has a different answer for everyone. The universal answer is "clearing" what is in the way of allowing your soul, your essence, to shine. Everything is energy, a vibration that can be high or low and that is constantly in motion. During the FreedomQuest we will be clearing on all levels so that the vibration will be higher and you will experience peace. We do this by means of FreedomBreath, Trauma-/FearRelease, various forms of meditation, constellations and insights in the biological laws of nature. By being able to look at something differently, your judgement disappears, the problem transforms and you experience total acceptance.

It is just as it is.

Nature Connectedness
Everything is animated and connected to each other, but knowing it mentally is still something else as experiencing it. Man is not above nature, she is part of it. By experiencing this through various methods such as Kneipp and other insights, you learn to recognise the workings and symbolism of nature. When you start to discover the cycle of life and the infinite intelligence in nature, it becomes simple and logical.

The connection with nature can be compared with unity experiences and will certainly be on the programme. You will gain insight into the laws of nature that explain the symbiotic dance of life and the miraculous unity consciousness which we call synchronisity.

You will discover the universal truth in the universe of your heart and it will lead you to infinite freedom.

Dance to the music of our essence and flow like water.


Within these modules you will find the diversity in oneness such as: Quantum Thinking, MBTI Energy Insight, Systemic Setups, Pranic Living, FreedomBreath, Bio-logical Laws of Nature, Kundalini/Hatha Yoga, Fear Release, MerKaBa - Sacred Geometry,
Nature Consciousness various forms of Meditation and much more.

Along the way we will lift many veils and you will see your body and the world completely different than it seemed to be.

You are invited to connect your thinking with your gut feeling and to start listening to your heart and the infinite intelligence of your body.

Take the ultimate step on our evolutionary ladder and join us on a journey of discovery.

(Re)discover yourself, our world and enjoy in confidence and freedom!

In Light and Love - Namaste

Your Pranic Freedom Quest Team from the heart of the world

Marja Nieuwveld & Amudra Madhura