Welcome to The New Field - the heart of the world.

Discover with me the fascinating quantum world and take a look beyond polarity to the wonderful united world of consciousness.

My name is Marja Nieuwveld and live a (food) freedom. I am being nourished by light and love or prana or chi, or by whatever name you call it.

In a nutshell; I don't need food to live, but enjoy tastings. Curious?

On my path to BEING aware and my former search for love, many veils have lifted and now I see the world completely different.

"You can never solve problems with the same mindset that created them."

Albert Einstein

I invite you to connect your thinking-brain with your gut-brain and listen to the higher intelligence of your heart.
Join me on my journey of discovery, find out about our Pranic Freedom Quest, support our mission and (re)discover yourself and our world.

Enjoy reading!

In Light and Love – Namaste


Marja Nieuwveld

Leven van licht en liefde, leven van prana, lichtmensen, lichtvoeding, quantum-wereld, Marja Nieuwveld, Hart van de wereld, Het nieuwe veld