Another truth about our virus

Gepubliceerd op 19 april 2020 om 18:12

What's a virus?

For those who are looking for the truth during this fear pandemic, I offer information in order that you can form your own opinion. It is difficult for our brain to think logically during a crisis, because the brain is biologically stuck in a survival program. You can't teach anyone how to swim during a violent storm. An interesting fact; the word "crisis" is in our experience labelled as negative, whereas it originally means "a moment of truth". So this is a perfect moment to search for the truth, because we are in the middle of a paradigm shift. Are you open to the possibility that what you have always thought turns out to be an illusion?

Fear is the only thing that is contagious and dangerous

Assuming there are people who aren't infected with the fear virus, I wrote this text. They are words and sentences that express my truth and I challenge you to investigate, form your own opinion and above all> think for yourself! Personally I am grateful that I came across this information before this media storm, because otherwise I might have been afraid for my fellow man, who might infect me with a deadly virus. Although I wouldn't have been able to hide behind ignorance anymore, with an abundance of information at my fingertips.

I am aware of the fact that my truth depends on my frame of mind, which in turn is subject to my growing level of consciousness. For example, in the past year my truth has turned 180 degrees and I now see the world around me completely differently.

But let me start with my view of the world of microbes, or all the small organisms we call bacteria, fungi and viruses. I may have forgotten a few, but this covers most of what we have discovered so far. A year ago I myself was still convinced that these invisible intruders could make me sick, because the image of these so-called germs has been poured into our brain from childhood on. While on the other hand I knew that in our intestines many bacteria live which do a good job. Then we call them  lovingly our intestinal flora. This should have ringed a bell to me, but it didn't until I ran into the information from Biologika Nederland.

nature cannot be conquered only understood

I had been wearing the medical, energetic and spiritual glasses for a couple of years, but despite their different approaches, they all fight against diseases and I couldn't reconcile myself with them. I couldn't believe that our body, which is an incredibly intelligent organism, makes mistakes and makes us aimlessly ill. So then I came across the biological spectacles, which offer a 180 degree different view than we have always learned. You need an open mind to be able to grasp it, even if the knowledge is based on laws you can't ignore. The proces is logical and goes as follows: an emotional shock or trauma activates a biological program in the brain, which then triggers a change in the body for a biologically meaningful reason, usually without symptoms. As soon as the peace of mind has returned, the change in the body is restored and noted as illness including symptoms. According to this law, we only become ill when the biological program has already entered the healing phase. So what regular and alternative medicine does is to thwart the body in the healing phase, unconsciously and well-intentioned. But more about this in my other blog about "a different view on diseases". This brief excursion is necessary to understand the symbiosis that the microbes and life (human, animal and plant) form. But now it gets exciting...

The foundation of today's medical world and our current thinking

Around the end of the nineteenth century a fierce battle raged between the anger and grief driven biologist Louis Pasteur and the gentle looking Dr Antoine Béchamp. Both were intensively trying to unravel the great mystery of how people became ill. Both gentlemen saw thausends of microbes in their petri dishes and both had a different explanation for this. Dr Antoine Béchamp saw these microbes as a symbiosis. He based his theory on these microbes working together to rebalance our body. So he did not accuse the firemen (microbes) of the fire (disease) as his colleague Pasteur did. Louis Pasteur claimed that microbes attack us from the outside and make us sick. By seeing microbes as external disease-causing organisms, he nourished a war thinking. With this theory you can at least make money and it became the basis of the modern medical world. Let's take a look at the world around us and at our attitude towards our bodies. This war thinking can be found everywhere and has its origins in Darwin's theory of evolution and the idea of "survival of the fittest". Luckily a lot of modern scientists like Dr. Gregg Braden now discovered that evolution is not based on competition but on cooperation.

Microbes are our flexible multitalented helpers

Microbes are our primal dust and actively work to restore the body to its original state and have countless tasks. Their most important task is that of a builder and build tissue up and taper it off. It is also an interesting fact that microbes can change in shape. Scientists call this pleomorphism (pluriformity) and was already discovered by Antoine Béchamp. Explained in short: sometimes it's a bacterium and when there's another job to do it turns into a virus or fungus for example. The fact that even our own red blood cell can change into a so-called bacteria or fungus is covered up.

Béchamp discovered that if you improve the internal environment, in other words the environment of the cells, these so-called pathogens do not disappear but even help with cell repair. So if we don't focus on disease but on a healthy lifestyle, we will discover that microorganisms are the building blocks of all life. This includes viruses, whatever their name may be. The power and intelligence of nature cannot be conquered by us humans. Let's try to understand them better and find the courage to question our self-conceived paradigm. If we stay within the confines of dogmas and paradigms we cannot get out of our impasse we are in. What do you think?                                                                                                                                 

Even Louis Pasteur admitted on his deathbed that he was wrong; that the microbes (bacteria, viruses and fungi) are not our enemy but that the environment is the key. What is the reason that our history, medical books and relevance studies are not adapted to the evidence present today? Do you find it logical and acceptable that, for example, this erroneous theory of  about 150 years ago still forms the basis of our contemporary society? I personally find it irresponsible that, on the basis of this ancient virological misinterpretation, we are being presented with measures that terrify millions of people around the world.

What could be the reason that these discoveries and facts are not made public in the mainstream media? Personally, I come up with two possible motives; ego- and turnover loss. Haven't we learned anything from our history, are we going after the leader like sheep again this time?

Awareness is the key to health

In these times we need a new perception of sickness and health beyond our comfort zone and established thinking, we are not talking about a new medicine, it only sheds light on the mystery of life on earth. But lets get back to the little creatures, although you cannot call a virus, the protagonist of this article, a living being. To be precise, it is a bundle of protein molecules with an RNA or DNA helix (= simply depicted as a single or double spiral staircase) as content. Translated for the laymen among us, it is an inanimate thing that carries information, a kind of transport for a software program so to speak.

This information-bearing protein bundle has rarely been detected outside a host (living organism) and can only be recognized with a special microscope after intensive and difficult processing. What's also interesting is that you can't test a virus for its presence at all. In the applied tests we speak of indirect evidence and from experience it seems to occur frequently that sometimes the result of a test person is positive and sometimes negative. But actually I don't want to go into the world of what goes wrong in this media hype. The only other way of looking at it I do find worth mentioning is that our organism has to adapt to the environmental changes and emotional challenges since our recorded history. The misery started with our first steps from natural surroundings towards industrialisation, with wars, hunger, bad air, electromagnetic waves and now that a 5G network is flooding the planet a standstill has been brought about. Is it a coincidence that the first complete 5G network has been installed in Wuhan and that there is also a large laboratory that deals with viruses? Or do you believe the official reason given: that it was created by eating certain animals? It is up to you to find your own truth, perhaps by listening to your gut feeling, your intuition, your polar brain or your connecting heart. I myself apply and navigate through the combination and this way of gathering information has given my world much more colour.

Our future lies in acknowledging the essence of life

Because I have been living in a connecting world since me living on prana and have ended up in unity from the dual world via the polar world, I can no longer support a world view in which there is war and we should defend ourselves. Again, the universal secret is that you don't have to find the solution to war, but should apply a different way of looking at it. If we apply this awareness and stop waging war against our own bodies and our faithful microbes, we have a chance of survival. I can guarantee you that we would lose a war against our microbes. First of all, we're outnumbered and far less intelligent, apart from the fact that we, "humanity", are made up of microbes.

the medical industrie stands on a wobbly foundation and soon threatens to collapse like a plum pudding. Would the vaccination requirement be the final blow? Personally, I am confident that more and more people are waking up and rediscovering the insights that have been covered up for years and taking responsibility for their lives into their own hands. I am thankful that the new generation is entering an era without fear and full of confidence in the natural intelligence of the body and nature.

These insights into the miraculous symbiosis of Mother Nature have instantly changed my world. Hopefully yours too!