The root of fear

Gepubliceerd op 11 december 2020 om 14:25

Searching for the root of fear

My mission includes pulling the root of the fear out of our dual thinking. So I have done a lot of research into what fear actually is. I would like to share this voyage of discovery into fear with you, so that you can make a considered decision whether you want to live your life in fear or in confidence. Fear not only stands in the way of our world peace, but also prevents our inner peace, which is the foundation of world peace. So I hope that with a grain of logic and a pinch of insight you will understand the concept of fear and learn to control it. Join me on a journey through different disciplines such as biology, neurology, quantum physics, history and philosophy.

What is fear?

First of all, fear in itself is a useful emotion. Especially to be able to run away quickly from the sabre-toothed tiger that sees a tasty bite in you. Unfortunately there are not many wild animals anymore, but in our society they can take on the guise of a boss, the tax authorities or a virus, depending on your beliefs. Unfortunately, our mind is not smart enough to recognise the difference between real danger and fictitious danger and sends signals to our body as if we were really being attacked.

Technically, it is a chemical reaction of the body to a thought. Fear is the outcome of a mechanism that through an impulse, which comes in through the senses, transmits information through our nerves and triggers our body to take action (fight or flight reaction) or, depending on the situation, allows us to freeze (play dead). All kinds of substances (hormones, etc.) are released to help us breathe better, run faster and shout louder. You can imagine that in this survival mode there is no time or energy left to digest our food, heal or sleep. At such a moment we are trapped in the active sympathetic nervous system, in which every form of logic and ability to put things into perspective is blocked. The primal brain is surviving and has disabled the frontal cortex, our modern brain.

Fortunately, we have a second nervous system called the parasympathetic nervous system. This system is responsible for the resting phase of our body. So in which our food is digested, our body can heal (clean up) and we can sleep well. In an optimal healthy state, the body stays in this system about 80% of the time. How much time does your body spend in this healing, resting phase?

Don't believe everything you think

Now it is getting interesting. All those impulses that come in through our senses are processed at lightning speed on the basis of our convictions. It is a proven fact that our brain does not know the difference between truth and fiction. Our brain is a complex network of nerves and synapses that fire information. It is a great fireworks display inside our body of some 100 billion nerve cells. Yes, you read correctly. Our brain is not only in our head but in our whole body. There are even most of the nerve cells in our stomach. That's why a lot of people prefer to trust their gut feeling. A very wise decision, because the dual thoughts we think up in our heads are not always true.

So the first conclusion based on this information is that we need to thoroughly examine our thoughts and beliefs for their truthfulness.

Now we come to the truthfulness of our current reality and in particular our famous virus. There is a very wide range of opinions here and I only come to one relevant question. Can we overcome nature? I believe that the answer to this question is clear.

No, at most we can learn to understand it. Let yourself be amazed by the incredible intelligence of our nature, which our body is a part of. Are you open to the possibility that our virus is just a software update to adapt humanity to our environment? Nature does not make mistakes!

Training camp for our nerves

What fears have risen in recent months? Fear of the virus, fear of losing your job, fear of a dictatorship and many more variations. All fears have a traumatic origin and are real for those who endure them. What happens in your body when you live in constant fear? Exactly, your body is in a constant fighting, flight or freezing mode. Physically not a healthy state as has already been made clear. The fear that underlies all these fears is the fear of death. This is the biggest fear and personally I have been able to look it in the eyes several times and let go of it. Over the past twenty years I have consciously cleaned up my mind, my body and my life. We are now experiencing this process of great cleansing globally. Everyone is invited to look all their fears in the eye. This awareness is a great step towards inner peace and freedom.

Are you afraid of the fear itself and do you remain trapped in a vicious disastrous circle of the sympathetic nervous system? Breathe in and out consciously. It is that easy to switch to the parasympathetic nervous system, in which we can think logically again, put things into perspective and absorb new information!

In which world do you want to live?

Do you want to live in a material world full of distrust, fear, dissatisfaction, loneliness and government control? Or do you want to live in a natural world where trust, love, peace, togetherness and self-responsibility are the norm? There are only two motivations for every decision; trust or fear. Without judgement, find out exactly what your fear is, where it comes from and see if it is real. Be critical of the information you let in through your senses and always keep thinking for yourself whether your thoughts are correct. Focus your attention on the beautiful things in your life and take a holiday from the mainstream media. This will reduce the pressure on your brain and teach your synapses to fire in a different direction. In this way the worn out highway turns into a jungle of exciting paths that increase the flexibility of your brain (neuroplasticity). Clean and tidy up in all areas of your life, then your inner values and the universal truth will rise again.

Let's learn from history

So many murders have been committed in the past and throughout our history to protect our self-created beliefs. Others were burned at the stake and now they are being put into social isolation. The world needs people who think differently, otherwise it would grind to a halt. Imagine if we still believed that the earth is flat. Or imagine that in a few years we would still think that we have to protect ourselves against a deadly virus. Curious about the root of fear of our virus? Train your brain to be flexible so that it is open to the possibility that what you have always thought turns out to be an illusion. Breathe in and out. Trust your body's intelligence and know that it is not controlled by our brain. What is your choice: fear or trust?

We cannot conquer nature, she can only be understood!