I AM <=> Marja <=> MAYA (= In Switzerland they call me Maya, which, conversely, sounds phonetically like I AM. Coincidence or not?)

My life in a nutshell

As a Aquarius I was born in Rotterdam on January 22nd, 1970 and was named Marjolein Evelien Nieuwveld, which for the sake of convenience became Marja.

My last name was also one of the many breadcrumbs on my life path that turned out to be a search for the source of love.

This insight did not rise until 2009 and I used it as the title for my first book "Het Nieuwe Veld" (The New Field). My third book has the title 'Living on Light & Love" and describes my journey of discovery to a life without being dependent on food. My fourth book is called "The Wave - a journey through the body into life" which I wrote together with Stefaan Meus.

As a sixteen-year-old adolescent, I met a handsome Swiss man in Andermatt at the foot of the Gotthard mountain. At the age of eighteen I was in the proud possession of a wedding ring and moved to Switzerland where I experienced the crude oil trade inside a multinational company.

Fate brought us back to the Netherlands when I was 21. There I took my first footsteps on the entrepreneurial path in marketing and  communication. My male side was thriving and dominant which resulted in a high stress level. On the 1st July 1998 I gave birth to our son Jordi, a little blond Swiss boy, and went on working.

The companies piled up and the days became shorter. I lived the very demanding life of an independent entrepreneur and marketing consultant, producer, trainer, coach, creative philosopher, author, mother and wife. As you can see, a full-time centipede and a part-time mother. Being a woman was at the bottom of my list, I never got around to that.

It required a severe illness to end my stress-chicken era and was forced to give my life a different turn. After eighteen years of marriage I released my husband and my son with a lot of love in my heart and a tear in my eye. A radical operation in Belgium, a new love, a few years of recovery and countless fascinating experiences have changed my life and gave me the insights to follow my feet with confidence. My search for love evolved from the illusionary romantic to the hard lessons of unconditional love, gaining many insights through trial and error.

On May 8, 2011, I felt the need to simplify my life even more and let go of everything I still had. Together with my three pairs of shoes I drove to Andermatt in my loyal VW Beetle; against the stream, from the mouth to the source of the Rhine. A Swiss village at the foot of the Gotthard that I have been in love with since my childhood. Over the years I learned what it means to be a woman and a mother and I am grateful that I can go through life without judgment and in freedom now. My search for love had ended, I found it in the universal love that flows, pulses and is the same to me as the life energy that nourishes me completely. Since September 2018 I live from Light and Love, which means I do not need food to live, but enjoy tastings. In 2021 I received the formula for the Freedom-Quest during a breathwork session. This Pranic retreat will make the universal truth tangible and enables you to let go off all your fears.

In summer I live in a small paradise on the outskirts of Rotterdam and during winters I retreat to my mountain. Back to the source in the Gott-hard area where my passion and mission coincide in BEING the heart of the world. Enjoying life, I discover the quantum world through the eyes of a child and play with this fascinating source of energy as I follow my feet to carry out my mission.

But in essence, I am the source of human experiences on the road to memory. I am light and love, just like you.


Marja Nieuwveld