"Like the feet of the universe, the hands of mother earth, the flow of our water,
the voice of the field, the love in your heart and the light in your eyes; I AM U."

The mission that I am allowed to perform began in Berlin, due to synchronicity the date was set at Thursday, December 12th 2019 accompanied by a special full moon. The place where my feet brought me was in the geographical centre of Berlin alongside the river Spree, inbetween the central station and the Reichstags-building. Against the local weather forecast we got to see the moon through a magical eye and felt its powerfull energy.

On December 12th, 2019 at 8 pm people around the world focussed with grateful feelings in their hearts on a healed city and a united population in Berlin. Without boundaries this energy of light spread  like the circles caused by a stone thrown into the water, to the whole of Germany, Europe, the world……….

The next step I took was on 1st June 2020 in Andermatt / CH where I followed the voice of water from the source to the mouth of the Rhine in 30 days. More information in my blog Rhine-Tour "Water - our source of life".

My last adventure was on valentines day 14th February 2023 when I was with my son in the pyramide of Cheops in Gizeh. The zero-point-field was very present!

How powerfull it is when during every new and full moon people around the world at 8 pm (local time) say or read the words of the poem below.

I am confident that you can experience the truth of these words. The light and water are looking forward to your cooperation, by sustaining our mission and spreading the message through all possible channels.

Freedom-Quest is another way to spread love and light around the globe by removing the root of fear, change our believesystem and clean up our clotted body and mind. This too is like throwing a stone in the water. and the universal truth will spread in light & love


Marja Nieuwveld

P.S. Thank you for throwing the stone of gratitude so that Light and Love spread into all of BEING.

Flow of Light over our world

Just like water, love flows through the veins of the earth.

The light spreads like a wave in the darkest depths

and just like water, it was born out of love.

All hearts are filled with gratitude.

All wounds are healed in solidarity and deep compassion.

Like a lotus flower  that awakens, deeply rooted in trust.

The sun gives it strength, the moon laughs.

The beginning is fulfilled, the seed of harmony planted in mother earth.

We are a unity in diversity, united in freedom.

Light and love carried by our water brings peace in all of our hearts. 

Sat Nam, Amen .....