An unique midwinter on the 21st december 2020

Gepubliceerd op 8 december 2020 om 19:06

An unique Feast of Light " on 21 December 2020

For most people december 21st passes unconsciously, while trapped in the stress of Christmas season. There are also people who know this date as the winter solstice, also called the midwinter. The moment when the days become longer and the light returns. Over the centuries and cultures, this day has been an important event, which has been and still is celebrated abundantly by most indigenous tribes. On this day one becomes aware of the circle of life; the process of birth, growth and death. The active male phase embedded in the female womb of Mother Earth.

For this reason I have been celebrating Christmas and the Feast of Light for several years on the day when the actual winter solstice takes place. Since I have been living from light, I have noticed that I increasingly follow the natural phases and processes, leaving not much of the technocratic material world. Today, on 8th December 2020, I experience a great impulse to write this story, because it is a message from Frau Holle. Yes, you read it well. Out of nowhere, the fairy tale came to me this week and made me realise the essence of this story. Frau Holle, who is also called Hulda, Holda, Hülle, can be found in all cultures.  She is a symbolic form of the great primordial mother, like our mother earth. The sound of her name refers to femininity and thus to the origin of life. She stands for fertility and magic. So it is not surprising that she makes it snow in winter. Speaking of snow; snowflakes are created by the crystallization of water in the form of six-pointed stars. Which in turn is the image for wisdom that comes from heaven. 

Balance is what our life is all about, whether it is the natural cycle, male and female energy or our dual thinking. Let's take a look at my neutral quantum world and replace the word "masculine" with the active (building and dismantling) energy and the word "feminine" with the energy of BEING (receiving - the field of potential). Firstly, our judgement, if we still had it, will be gone, and secondly, the natural interaction and harmony will become clear to us. From my point of view, life is a constant balance of male and female energy. It is about the golden mean, a continual cycle of change. We are entering the golden age, and the first constellation in the zodiac, Aquarius, is showing us the way to integration – to oneness. Is it a coincidence that I am also Aquarius?

But let's go back to the Mo(o)nday 21st December 2020, when the masculin sun has reached his lowest point and seems to rest for three days before continuing his orbit. Meanwhile the feminine full moon observes the love dance of the planets Saturn and Jupiter. Some call this alignment the star of Bethlehem. This seems to be a galactic phenomenon that does not occur very often. Some say that at this time heaven will fall to the earth. Since I already live in heaven on earth, I am very much looking forward to it. It is called the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. At this time we say goodbye to the systemic energy of Capricorn, which has been tightening the thumbscrews since 2008. Now I am looking forward to the time when all systems will crumble away and freedom of speech and personal freedom will be lived again. The next twenty years will be marked by a complete paradigm shift, in which rusted belief systems will have no place.  The energy of Aquarius will be characterised by freedom, individuality and decentralisation. We can finally come into personal responsibility by trusting our inner wisdom. Meanwhile, ancient wisdom is surfacing and we can surf on a wave of consciousness-expanding energy to the essence of life.

Let us be aware of this special natural phenomenon and celebrate love and oneness with an overdose of gratitude in our hearts.

We are the light and the magic that our world needs.