Quantum Physics

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What is Quantum mechanics?

Since I live off prana, I am like an explorer who discovers the new quantum world from the experience side. The official name 'quantum mechanics' sounds far too technical to me for the fascinating quantum world it actually is. That's why I use the term quantum-world.

For the explanation we have to take a few steps back and start with the first big discovery in the field of science.
How does our world function? This is the question Isaac Newton also dealt with. With the falling apple, he discovered the principle of gravity. Shortly thereafter, the mystery of electricity and magnetism was unravelled, which was thereafter combined. The insight into electromagnetism was born.
That we are not biological but electromagnetic beings, slowly penetrates. Then electromagnetic could also be light or prana, right? Scientists have also been busy combining all natural laws discovered so far. Personally, I think we should look for it in that corner. The universal answer to all questions is to see the unity in diversity.
Then it is time for my great friend Albert Einstein who discovered his theory of relativity, in the lost hours, behind his desk at the patent office. This theory describes the world of the great. It laid the foundation from which modern science for decades gave explanations as to why the world did what it did; ordered and predictable.
Inspired by this new insight, Niels Bohr, Max Planck and a few other scholars came up with the theory of quantum mechanics, which describes the world of the small. In complete contrast; chaotic and unpredictable.
But we live in one world, don't we? Shouldn't there be only one theory that explains everything? Then the clever minds came up with the string theory, which connects the theory of relativity with quantum mechanics, the big and the small, the macrocosm with the microcosm.
A string would be a very small particle that vibrates. The way a string vibrates would explain the property of the particle. Here we also enter the world of the incomprehensible. That a particle can also be a vibration depends on the way it is measured. That a particle can be in two places at the same time and that it adapts in behavior to the information the observer transmits. The question immediately comes up again, whether they are also talking about light or prana?
But also here the scientists run into some inexplicable facts, which they solve by adding a few dimensions.
I think this is the solution as well. After all, it has already been proven that we are dealing with more dimensions than the three or four we can experience so far, at least most of us. This theory is called the M-Theory and there is a lot of speculation as to what the M stands for. Maybe for Mother, because this is the connecting theory that comes very close to the all-explanatory and all encompassing feminine source principle: ISIS.
In the meantime we are on the eve of new insights, which may lead to overwhelming changes. For the world at large, but also for individuals like you and me. Those who currently understand what quantum mechanics and string theory means usually do not speak the truth. It's incomprehensible with our current recording capabilities. It ignores time and space and our current understanding of matter and energy. It is a miraculous world of incomprehensible phenomena. Personally, I believe that sound, vibration and the power of our thoughts create our reality. If we can imagine something, it can also exist in matter. We are all the creators of our world and even of the universe. We all pulsate along in the cyclic dance of life.
There will certainly come a point where mankind can no longer hide behind ignorance out of fear. The (re)discoveries are slowly rising up. The fact that sound creates matter and can also make it unhealthy has already been proven. Dr. Emoto with his impressive water pictures, clearly shows that matter and thus also water reacts to information/sound.

Hopefully the scientists of the different disciplines will put their heads together one day to discover that they are all studying the same phenomenon. The answer lies also here in the unity within the diversity of philosophy, science, culture, religion, etc. Hopefully they will soon overcome their fear of thinking outside their own framework, then we will finally get more insights into the possibilities and the workings of life.

Then the many question marks about the construction of pyramids and other ancient structures will disappear and the people involved in telepathy, telekinesis, levitation and teleportation will no longer be looked upon as fools. "Beam me up scotty.
If we stay in the world of the impossible and unthinkable for a moment, I'll share my own lay theory with you.
Human body = energy/prana = depending on hydration & vibration frequency > light in potential.
As you know, I am not a scientist and this is only the result of my creative philosophical slant and my incessant urge to seek connections. Who knows where it will lead to ...

We are Hybrids!

I am also so gratefull that they now found proof, that mankind is a hybrid being. This means we can fuel ourselves directly with energy from the sun or via food. Our consiousness will be the key to a future without fear on all levels! People start looking for THE TRUTH INSIDE YOURSELF!