Water - our source of life

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Musical prelude to the Rhine tour
"Water - our source of life"

Andermatt - On Whit Monday, June 1, 2020, a gala matinée with Marie Louise Werth and band will take place at 11 am. It is intended as a musical accompaniment - with a benefit character - to the start of the Rhine tour, which was initiated by the non-profit association "Gotthard-Connects". As the "voice of water", the president of the association, Marja Nieuwveld, will follow the flow of the Rhine for 30 days, from its source to its mouth.

The water castle of Europe, situated in the middle of protecting mountains, deserves our full attention. It is characterised by geographical, geological, historical and cultural peculiarities. It is home to the highest triple continental water divide in Europe and of the sources of major rivers that flow in all four cardinal directions and ultimately into three seas. From this geographical point of view, the Gotthard region forms the centre of Europe and thus the heart of the world. Its uniqueness is due not least to its energizing air quality. Added to this is an unique wealth of crystals, which make the Gotthard region a true place of power.
The aim of this year's project is to draw increased attention to the water castle of Europe and its spring water. In addition, the association would like to raise awareness of the subject of spring water. "We want to sensitize people to give the highest priority to the protection of drinking water. The safe drinking of tap water should also be guaranteed in the future, in line with the principle of sustainability (less plastic, fewer transport kilometres and water consumption)", says Marja Nieuwveld, the association's president.
The answers to our challenges can be found in water. It connects people and regions. That is why we are calling on all organisations that contribute to the protection of water to unite. The PR tour is intended to shake up the public, spread like a wave and thus strengthen the awareness of all of us for water.

A day faster than a raindrop
Therefore, the president of the association, as ambassador of the water, will walk or ride the path along the Rhine. The multi-disciplinary tour takes into account all the activities that are possible on and alongside the Rhine: on foot, by bike, bike, kayak, raft, boat, etc... In 30 days along the Rhine to Rotterdam, one day faster than a bath duck or a raindrop from the source to the mouth. She is looking forward to many companions who want to follow the voice of the water.

Gala matinée as a prelude to the Rhine PR tour
On Whit Monday, June 1, 2020, the well-known singer and pianist Marie Louise Werth & Band will entertain visitors from near and far with a musical delicacy in the Catholic Church in Andermatt from 11.00 a.m. and get them in the mood for the start of the tour. With all senses the public can enjoy the water as the central theme. With refreshing verve and an entertaining show, Marie Louise Werth and her quartet formation will enchant young and old alike. The musical menu is varied, exciting and magical, just like the Rhine.