The secrets behind nourishment

Gepubliceerd op 26 maart 2020 om 08:44

Light will nourish us in future as it did in the past, but it needs our consiousness. Discover the quantum world of nourishment.

At the moment, the name light nourishment is applied in two ways, and I will try to bring light into the darkness here. On the one hand we are talking about the non-material in the form of prana, with its many different names. Which already nourishes us, although in different gradations. Then we also have the material form, the energy-rich lovingly cultivated or hand-picked food that we put in our mouths. This kind of food contains light energy or as it is called prana. So we're not talking about the empty food which we now fill us up with. Personally, I believe there is even a third form. The food for the soul, which for me means harmonic music, a beautiful sunset or for example a heartwarming poem. We are also nourished by the interconnectedness of all that is alive.

The basic rule is simple, eat as little ready-made and refined food as possible. Make a big bow around preservatives, colourings, flavour enhancers and artificial aromas. Leave the so-called healthy halvarine and margarine and enjoy the pure natural butter again, without a bad conscience. Learn to listen to your own body again and no longer to the psychologically thought-out advertising slogans.
An apple, for example, does not have to be healthy for you.
Don't make it so complicated, listen to your body and enjoy!

You'll be amazed at the difference when your body slowly returns to its natural state and regains confidence after years of neglect. Your body promises you more quality of life, health and pleasure.

In my opinion it is important that you first have a balanced and healthy relationship with food and your body. So experience feeding yourself consiously, before you take the next step. The life of prana without food.

At those moments when I'm still eating something myself, I pay attention to the following: the so-called living energetic principle, prepared with love and colourful variation. I prefer to spontaneously eat what comes my way: a daisy, a leaf of sorrel or the seeds of the nettle. This way I can enjoy the gift of life twice during my walks. The sensory pleasure and my conscious unifying attitude towards nutrition certainly also play a positive role in the theme of tolerance.

In the end, it doesn't matter what you eat anymore. When your vibration is so high and your common sense and enjoyment are there, you can enjoy everything. Without it affecting the body. Mind over matter, they call it and the mystical avatars and alchemists can do it. As you can see, it's also for us mortals.
Or maybe this is the secret of immortality?


Living on prana... is that really possible?

After I have introduced you to the wonderful world of incomprehensible quantum physics and have already lifted some veils about nutrition, this issue will no longer be difficult to answer. Everything that we can think of exists. Let go of the learned thinking and be open to what is possible.

Because we have learned that we need 'normal' food to provide our body with all the necessary nutrients, the concept of being able to live from prana is incomprehensible to many. But the reality is that already thousands of people on earth live from prana (in different variations) and they are very healthy, in fact healthier than those who eat so-called 'normal' food. In fact, everyone already lives on prana to a greater or lesser degree, only we don't know.

So, yeah, it's possible.

At present, the food industry supplies nothing but worthless, partly genetically modified, empty fillers anyway. Not counting Demeter products, of course, as well as the fruit and vegetables from our own garden and the so-called weeds, which present themselves to us with perseverance.

Also, food is often abused as a plaster on the physical or emotional wound. In the process of living prana, you learn to deal with food but also with your emotions more and more consciously. The emotional need for sugar, salt and fast food changes and there is a healthy physical handling of food in return. Your body awareness gets an enormous boost.

Although every human being could live from prana by nature, in my opinion there are a few conditions. If there are still too many old limiting beliefs and traumas stored in your body's cellular memory, you will go hungry again. Also then I think the dry-fast, as a reset, is too intense. That's when everything comes up. There is literally and figuratively no lid on it anymore. If you still carry a lot of physical and mental pollution with you, it becomes very hard. The vibration level of your body is too low to effectively come into resonance with the prana that surrounds us. It is important that you are as clean and empty as possible on all levels. I myself have been consciously cleaning up for more than 20 years and it has become a constant attitude in my life.

In addition, you must be prepared for the fact that your social environment (friends and family) may not be able to accept it. They will share their fear and disbelief with you and only when you can put this aside will you be ready for this new step towards living in a higher vibration. This will result in a healthier body, more contact with your intuition and overwhelming clarity. In addition to all the positive changes in your body, there will also be many miracles in your life.

Living from prana means that you feed your body with prana, that is the life energy that is all around us and in everything. For example, you can absorb it by breathing it in, through the eyes, but you also absorb it through the skin (our largest organ). Eventually after about one year all your cells are filled with prana and you are actually your own source. You no longer feed on prana, but you are then prana.

Those of us who live on prana are usually called breatharians or sungazers. The biologists call self-feeding organisms autotrophic and the medical corner has come up with the name inedia for our species. I also came across the name homo quantum.

In Germany we are called light people, which I like, but my preference is for praniers. Again, there are a lot of names for the same phenomenon, but with different variations. 

Now science found that human kind is actually a hybrid; so we can enjoy living on light without having to eat but at the same time we can enjoy food: Real, honoust, living food! Bon appetit...