A healty view on disease

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A different perspective on illness

Put on the bio-logical glasses and discover a 180 degree different view of dis-ease.

I had been wearing the medical, energetic and spiritual glasses for a few years, but these bio-logical glasses, which are 180 degrees different than we have always learned, came on my path a few months ago. You need an open mind to be able to grasp it, even if the knowledge is based on biologic laws you can't ignore.

It is a different view on diseases that is spread by Biologika and for the english speaking people I love the site of kellybroganmd.com/there-is-nothing-to-fear-german-new-medicine.

If you would like to check out the base of these biological programmes. Check out our first film "Evolution" about the germlayers with its conflicts. 

The knowledge comes from the New Germanic Medizin, discovered by Dr. Med. May. Theol. Ryke Hamer. Dr. Hamer's discoveries triggered a political and medical slaughter at the end of the last century. The attempts to cover it up failed.

He discovered the 5 laws of nature, which can be compared to, for example, gravity.

These laws have been further developed and translated into more understandable language by the Biologika movement. Since the substance is so logical, I think it's a great name, better than the name of the original stream NGM, New German Medicine. This name is for my understanding far too limited for such an important message that will shake medical science on its pedestal. Let's turn it into New Global Medicine, that's better suited for this message. It would testify of connection and not of separation and limitation. Even better would be just Bio-Logical Laws of Nature, because they are nobodies property. They just explain how life works. 

Biologika is actively working in several countries to bring out this knowledge of the laws of nature. I immediately signed up for a training course and a new world opened up for me. At last, my inner knowledge that the body does not create diseases, but only has the purpose of allowing us to survive, was confirmed. Disease is not something to fight against, it's not something that just happens to us. It has a meaning both spiritually and biologically, it means healing.

Dr. Hamer has been able to prove scientifically how an emotional shock or trauma activates a biological program in the brain. What is then detected in the body as a change (illness), when the biological program is already in the healing phase. So what regular and alternative medicine does is to counteract the body during the healing phase, unconsciously and well-intentioned.

It's about awareness, a new perception of sickness and health. It is also not a new medicine, it only sheds light on the mystery of life on earth. That this is not about assumptions but about tested and proven facts should convince the whole of humanity, but nothing could be further from the truth. The majority of humanity is not yet ready to throw the one-sided modern medical world and the profit-oriented pharmaceutical industry off its self-created pedestal. Even in the knowledge that these laws of nature follow an established process and apply to all living organisms on this planet. While the theory of modern mainstream medicine is largely based on assumptions and profit.

The facts are undisputed and even Dr. Louis Pasteur admitted on his deathbed that he was wrong. That the microbes (bacteria, viruses and fungi) are not our enemy but a symbiosis. They are actively working to restore the body to its original state. They are, so to speak, our own builders and build up and tear down tissue. The fact that even our own red blood cell can turn into a so-called bacterium or fungus is covered up. After all, all those preventive and partly mandatory vaccinations would be superfluous. Pasteur's colleague Dr. Antoine Béchamp would have been right after all. But mankind preferred the theory based on fear.

Modern medicine stands on a wobbly foundation and soon threatens to collapse like a plump pudding. Would the vaccination requirement be the final blow? Personally, am I confident that more and more people are waking up and rediscovering the insights that have been covered up for years?

Until the moment I came up against these natural laws, I was always a great advocate for the cooperation of regular and alternative medicine. Only now I see that both sides are fighting against sickness as well, while there is actually nothing to fight against. The discovered laws show that the so-called diseases are only meaningful biological processes. They are changes in the body, based on emotional conflicts, with the aim of keeping us alive longer. Only because medical science does not know the cause is it labeled a disease. These natural laws apply to all living organisms on our earth and all follow the same detectable processes.

The difference between plant and animal on the one hand and man on the other is the interpretation. To clarify; the animal and the plant react to real dangers and humans to mental dangers. Our brains are not made for thinking. It is a kind of bio-computer that knows no difference between reality and imagination. What to the wolf is the inability of a rabbit bone to digest, to us humans is a mental bone that cannot be digested in the intestine. Let's have a quick look, because it is a complicated yet logical process. In both cases the body senses danger. Supercells are then produced in the intestine, with a temporary increased capacity. As soon as the bone is physically digested or mentally accepted, the fungi and bacteria go to work to reduce the supercells, or the so-called cancerous tumor. This is called the healing process and is accompanied by pain and other physical discomfort. The duration usually corresponds to the duration that the conflict has existed mentally. So it makes sense not to walk around with unprocessed traumas for too long. It is even better if one develops the level of consciousness so that the various situations are no longer experienced as a conflict.

To absorb the next information you may have to swallow or exhale intensly.

The fact that the diagnosis of "cancer" is often fatal is usually based on the overriding and entrenched fear. The so-called "diagnosis shock" causes the lethal result and certainly not the biologically meaningful change discovered in the body. In fact, most of the time it is already in the curative/decaying phase during discovery. It is also very interesting that the symptoms we experience as a disease occur during the healing phase. So what the medical world is actually doing is thwarting the self-healing process of our body. Maybe because we think we know better, or because we don't have time to be sick, or because it makes money. Probably even a mix of reasons, unfortunately all based on fear.

The misinterpretation of these physical changes has already caused a great deal of suffering. Deep inside, I have always known that there is only an outdated idea behind this. The slogan you are being thrown to death with nowadays; "support the fight against cancer", or other diseases, always provoked a lot of resistance within me. Hopefully it won't be long before the obsolete medical books are rewritten. It would also be great if doctors would be given this knowledge as an integrated subject during their studies. 

The new generation is entering an age without fear and full of confidence in the body's natural intelligence.

Was mankind's understanding of the natural law of gravity also that slow?

The most important foundation on which these laws rest is our interpretation or observation of the different situations. What is a drama for one person, is an opportunity for another. So, as you can see, our way of experiencing is at the basis of whether or not your bio-computer detects (mental) danger. The key to health is therefore also here consciousness based on trust. We can't ignore it, with all those mirrors. The world and the body show us very clearly what our emotional world looks like.

My understanding of these natural laws has given my knowledge and my philosophy of life an appropriate framework. All pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place and can be applied in the form of wisdom and trust. This new insight in the miraculous adaptation and survival strategy of Mother Nature has changed my world instantly. Hopefully yours too!

If you would like to know more about this amazing discovery check out the mini-video serie of Ingmar Marquardt.